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Melon Seeds

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Quantity per Unit:  95 g or 3.36 oz

Packaging: Well labelled premium jar(s) with sift & spoon cap.

Shipping: Free Shipping Worldwide.

Different Names of Melon Seeds:

Melon Seeds are also known as Musk Melon Seeds, Kharbujey ke beej, Magaz, Magaj and Seeds of Melon.

Botanical Name of Melon: Cucumis melo

Place of Origin: Haryana, India.

These are top quality Musk Melon Seeds locally in India known as Magaz. They are used in making of halwas, sweets and the paste form of melon seeds is also used as a thickener in various curries of India. It is also mixed with other sweet and aromatic spices like fennel & green cardamom to make traditional mouth fresheners.

Flavor & Aroma of Melon Seeds:
Melons seeds have Crunchy, Fresh and Sweet taste.

Health Values of Melon:

  • Prevents bad breath.
  • Keeps body cool during hot days !
  • Strengthens digestive system.

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