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Mace Powder

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Quantity per Unit: 100 g or 3.53 oz

Packaging: Food grade, well labelled pack(s).

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Different Names of Mace:

Also known as Ground Mace, Powdered Javitri and Mace Spice Powder.

Botanical Name of Mace: Myristica fragrans

Place of Origin: South India.

Mace is the aril of nutmeg seed. Nutmeg seed is also used as a spice. So, from the nutmeg tree two spices are obtained which is Nutmeg and Mace. Nutmeg is the seed of the tree and mace is the aril of nutmeg seed. This is premium quality whole mace from rich, beautiful and tropical South India.

Flavor & Aroma of Mace:
Mace have a very exotic, aromatic, warm, tropical slightly sweet flavor & aroma.

Health Values of Mace:

  • Helps in digestion of food.
  • Very good for skin.
  • Good for cardiovascular system of the body.

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