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Gum Arabic

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Quantity per Unit: 135 g or 4.77 oz

Packaging: Well labelled premium jar(s) with sift & spoon cap.

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Different Names of Gum Arabic:

Gum Arabic is also known as Kikar ki Gond, Babul ki Gond, Arabic Gum, Gond, Acacia Gum, Sudan Gum, Senegal Gum, Kher, Khor, Egyptian Thorn, Sant tree, Al-sant, Thorn Mimosa, Lekkerruikpeul and Karuvela maram.

Botanical Name of Gum Arabic: Acacia nilotica

Place of Origin: Haryana, India.

Gum Arabic is dried gum which is obtained from sap of various species of acacia. The gum arabic tree grows in semi-arid lands of North India, Arabia and Africa.

Flavor & Aroma of Gum Arabic:
Gum Arabic is tasteless and odorless gum which in food is widely used as an emulsifier, stabilizer and thickener. It is used in confectionary good, chewing gum, filling & for icing purposes.

Health Values of Gum Arabic:

  • Good for dental care.
  • Naturally, controls blood sugar levels.
  • Helps in balancing the cholesterols.
  • Strengthens immunity of the body.
  • Good for bones.

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