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Dry Red Chillies

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Quantity per Unit: 100 g or 3.53 oz

Packaging: Food grade, well labelled pack(s).

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These are Naturally Sun Dried Red Chilies for an Authentic Flavor & Aroma.

What are the Different Names of Red Chilies Dry?

Different names of Red Chilies Dry are Sabut Lal Mirch, Indian Red Chili, Sundried Red Chili, Dry Chili Pepper.

Where does Red Chili Grows?

India is the world’s largest producers of Red Chillies.

What is the Botanical or Latin name of Red Chili ?

The Botanical name or Latin name of Red Chili is Capsicum annum.

Flavor, Taste and Aroma of Red Chili Dry:

This is Hot Red Chili and also gives a natural red spicy color to the world.

Dry Red Chilies is one of the most important spice to every cuisine of the world.

Naturally, Red Chilies helps in Digestion of Food and Strengthens the immunity of the body.

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