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Cinnamon Sticks

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Quantity per Unit: 100 g or 3.53 oz

Packaging: Food grade, well labelled pack(s).

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Different Names of Cinnamon Sticks:
Cinnamon Sticks is also known as Asli Dalchini, Darushila, Cinnamon Quills and Querfa.
Botanical Name of Cinnamom: Cinnamomum verum
Place of Origin: Sri Lanka
Thousands of years ago, cinnamon was so highly prized that it was regarded a precious rarity, gifted only to monarchs and gods.
Flavor & Aroma of Cinnamon:
Cinnamon is a very aromatic spice with spicy yet sweet taste. Cinnamon is used in various dishes and beverages.
Health values of Cinnamon:

  • Have anti-bacterial properties.
  • A good source of anti-oxidants.
  • Prevents bad breath.

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