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Asafoetida Whole

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Quantity per Unit: 100 g or 3.53 oz

Packaging: Well labelled premium jar(s) with sift & spoon cap.

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Different Names of Asafoetida:

Asafoetida is also known as Hing, Heeng, Hing Spice, Perungayam, Devil's Dung, Kayam, Asant, Giant Fennel, Stinking gum, Jowani badian and Food of The Gods.

Botanical Name of Asafoetida: Ferula foetida

Place of Origin: Afghanistan.

Asafoetida or Hing is a rare spice. This spice is native to Afghanistan and some parts of Iran & Central Asia. This is a must have spice for Indian Cuisine.

Flavor & Aroma of Asafoetida:
Asafoetida’s smell is somewhat like concentrated onions & garlic put together. It gives food an exotic flavor and aroma.

Culinary Uses of Asafoetida:

  • Extensively used in Indian Cuisine-In curries, dals, vegetables & meat dishes.
  • People who forbid using onion & garlic uses asafetida as an alternative.
  • You can find Asafoetida in each and every kitchen of Indian Subcontinent.

Health Values of Asafoetida:

  • Helps in digestion of food.
  • Cures indigestion, constipation and gastric troubles.
  • Asafoetida is also effective in hysteria, fatigue and depression.

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